BYOD and the Aragon Globe on Enterprise Mobile Management

By Mike Anderson

Our Aragon Research Globe Report on mobile management is in the works. We will be evaluating more than 25 providers of Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) software. This remains an embryonic market, with more than 60 different providers offering portions of the capabilities enterprises need. Focusing on devices with MDM or apps with MAM is important, but a holistic and comprehensive approach for EMM will be necessary as enterprises make the shift from gaining control of the mobile movement into mobile as a strategic enterprise platform.




Holistic Mobile Management

My webinar last Friday, “BYOD: Your Future Workplace”, put the spotlight on how important this approach to mobile management is quickly becoming. The product categories that offer some element of what enterprises need comprise quite an acronym collection. EAS, MDM, MAM, MSSS, NAC, VDI and TEM are part of this great laundry list. In reality, as enterprises mature in their use of mobility the management required will tend to span all of these categories.

  • EAS – Enterprise App Store
  • MDM – Mobile Device Management
  • MAM – Mobile Application Management
  • MSSS – Mobile Security Software Suite
  • NAC – Network Access Control
  • VDI – Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
  • TEM – Telecom Expense Management

BYOD Will Raise EMM Priority

Employees using their personal devices at work and for work presents a growing list of management challenges for IT, including security, support, cost control and even legal liability. At the same time, the opportunities to become more agile and flexible, enable users to have a shorter technology refresh cycle, and deliver improved worker productivity are drivers to engage rather than restrict BYOD. Making this work will require much beyond securing and managing devices.

Convergence is occurring, and we’re already beginning to see movement toward EMM in enterprises who have gained some maturity in managing mobility. We’re looking forward to completion of our in-depth market analysis, and to working with clients to help them navigate the fast moving EMM market to best get business value from mobility and BYOD strategy.

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