Research and Advisory Services

Aragon Research offers a subscription based service that is user based. Powerful, thought leading written research that analyzes the issues facing your enterprise is combined with phone based inquiry to allow you to call your trusted advisor for advice.


Aragon’s Provisor Plus Service is the ideal way to get started.  Each Research Coverage area has a detailed agenda that is fullfilled each month (see the detailed research topic areas in the research section). Every research note has the right amount of what we call Aragon Trusted Advisory – the key actions you need to take based on the topic being discussed. 


Download our Provisor Service Data sheet.


Provisor seatholders can schedule phone inquiry with their analyst to discuss their issues related to our coverage areas. Phone inquiries can cover a variety of subjects – diving deeper into a research note that the analyst just published, answering some key questions related to a project and providers that can assist them, reviewing contracts to see what kind of insight was being offered and what SLAs and pricing to negotiate.


Aragon offers a variety of research subscription packages.Talk to our sales team to find out more about what we can offer.