Hot Vendors for 2012

Special Report – Hot Vendors for 2012  Hot Vendors

Summary: Aragon Research introduces our Hot Vendor Special Report for 2012.


In every market, there are always vendors who have a compelling offering, product or combination of the two who are not yet on the enterprise radar. This is partly due to the fact that they are new or just small and don’t yet have the market awareness.  At Aragon Research we are constantly on the lookout for vendors that can assist our clients by providing solutions that can help them.


In each of our topic coverage areas, we have identified vendors who are hot. They can be hot for several reasons, including:


  • The product or service offering
  • A compelling new technology
  • A compelling offering that leverages trending technologies such as Cloud, Mobile or Social


For the first half of 2012, we have identified 18 vendors in four categories. There are four different research notes that highlight each of the hot vendors.


Hot Vendors in Content Management, Collaboration and Authoring, 2012

Appfusions     Box     Huddle     KnowledgeTree    Litera     Mindjet


Changes are happening fast in content management. Not only is the cloud causing significant change in the ability to simply and quickly share content, additional features including mobile support are expanding. Much of the new direction is being driven by vendors with new approaches.


Hot Vendors in Mobile, 2012

AirWatch       Antenna Software      Avema      Kony      Mobile Iron      Partnerpedia


Managing mobility is a growing priority for enterprises, particularly as BYOD expands. Enterprise mobile management is a relatively new area, and is expanding fast. Attention to vendors and products in early stages is required to get on top of this fast moving area.


Hot Vendors in Social and Ideation, 2012

ReadyPulse     Shoutlet     Spigit


Innovation and agility are essential for business to remain competitive. Tools for brainstorming, idea generation and following through on the results are growing in interest and importance.


Hot Vendors in Learning, HCM and Talent Management, 2012

BambooHR     Expertus    SalesCongo     UpMo


Enterprise social initiatives can be greatly enhanced when integrated with core business processes and functions. Look for increasing activity in the area of profile and expertise location tools to enhance Learning, HCM and Talent Management.