Enterprise Video comes of Age

VideoVideo isn’t new, but Video in the enterprise is appearing in more work scenarios than ever before. There is no doubt that this trend started with consumerism, but that has led us to an era of Pervasive video.

We have talked about video in the enterprise since we formed Aragon Research. With the rise of Tablets, Video content continues to explode. In fact several of our Hot Vendors for 2013 are exploiting Video, including Klablab.

In this special report, we review the reasons why video is critical today in the enterprise and explore two use cases that are part of our Video Enabled Business Applications Coverage (VEBA).

The Perfect Storm in Enterprise Video: Act Now

Video is everywhere and it has created the perfect storm. Youtube started it all and now Smartphones and tablets are making it easier than ever to conduct a meeting or to watch a video recording. In many cases, video communications is nearly as good as being there. The use cases are limitless. In our Research Note titled The Perfect Storm in Enterprise Video, Act Now or Get Left Behind, we explore how enterprises are leveraging video to gain a competitive advantage.

Video Recruiting is here

The war for talent is never ending and meeting candidates is a time consuming effort. Video Recruiting is about to change all of that. In our Research Note titled Why You Should Video -Enable Your Recruiting, we explore this new use of video in a critical part of the enterprise. There is no doubt that Recruiting will never be the same.

Video Returns to the Classroom

There are many ways to learn and it is still hard to replace a classroom. However, with increased quality in video codecs, we are seeing a big surge in the use of video for both corporate and K-16 based learning. In the Research Note titled, The Rise of the Video Enabled Virtual Classroom, we explore how video is making a surge back into the classroom. Virtual Classroom technology was absorbed into the Web Conferencing and Video Conferencing categories, but we are seeing increased demand for Virtual Classroom offerings. Vendors are responding.

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