The Rise of Digital Transaction Management

Digital Transaction ManagementEnterprises are entering a new era – one in which business is going to be conducted with applications that enable business to be conducted faster because it is all digital, all the time. This Special Report is about Digital Transaction Management and Digital Business.

Digital Transaction Management is the way forward

Business applications are on the rise and one of the first categories that is gaining traction is Digital Transaction Management. In our research note, Digital Transaction Management: The New Way Ahead for Digital Business, we introduce DTM,  define the characteristics of the application category, and outline what it means to the market.  The bottom line is that DTM will be one of the fastest-growing categories in recent memory.

Questions? We have answers

For answers to the five most frequently-asked questions about DTM, see our accompanying note, Five Questions and Answers on Digital Transaction Management. It summarizes the key elements of DTM and brings you up to speed on its core value propositions, so you can start building use cases and priorities.

Business Executives want Predictive Business Applications

Business people are not waiting for permission to put technology to work. They want better and faster outcomes and are on the hunt for business applications that do just that. In our research note titled Predictive Business Applications: Don’t Get Left Behind, we discuss the characteristics of these new classes of business applications and what they mean going forward.