Transform Sales With Sales Engagement Platforms


(Aragon Live Podcast) – In this episode of Aragon Live, Jim Lundy, CEO and Lead Analyst at Aragon Research, and Michael Schultz, VP of Marketing and Business Development at ClearSlide, discuss this year’s Dreamforce 2017 – and how to transform sales with Sales Engagement Platforms. Listen to the podcast for details.

Transform Sales With Sales Engagement Platforms – Aragon Live







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Hear from leading industry authorities, and have the opportunity to share experiences and ideas with other thought leaders. Join us at Dreamforce 2017 for the Executive Cocktail Reception on Nov 8th at The Fairmont Hotel’s Penthouse Suite. During the reception, Jim Lundy, Founder, CEO and Lead Analyst of Aragon Research and Dustin Grosse, CEO of ClearSlide, will discuss how companies are enabling their sales and marketing teams to transform the way they engage with prospects and customers.

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