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CIOs and IT Directors need to keep the enterprise operating in a secure manner while also helping the enterprise to go digital. The challenge is to leverage technologies that can automate legacy processes or reinvent them in a completely new digital approach. Our research for CIOs and their teams is focused on providing insights on trends in emerging technologies and the best practices of how to put them to work in the Digital Business era. Some of the key issues we address include:

  • How can enterprises leverage new technologies, such as Machine Learning, to update existing applications?
  • What are the best practices for shifting to a digital business approach?
  • How should enterprises balance new best of breed applications vs. platforms offered by large technology providers?


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Modern AI and Cognitive Computing: Boundaries and Opportunities

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Digital Technology: Seven Major Trends for 2016


CIO and IT Research

Hot Vendors in Business Process Management, 2017
March 1, 2017

Summary: The Business Process Management (BPM) market is experiencing significant shifts to focus on the customer. This goal is gaining momentum as the battle to keep savvy customers engaged continues to present new challenges Read More >

Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Computing, and the Race to Build the Intelligent Enterprise
May 5, 2017

Summary: This report examines Predictive Analytics and modern Artificial Intelligence, and the importance of key emerging technologies on business decision-making from strategy through operations Read More >

Hot Vendors in AI Chatbots, 2017
June 29, 2017

Summary: For many applications, AI Chatbots ultimately define the customer or user experience (CX/UX), so their significance as a proxy for the enterprise itself cannot be overstated. In this report, we review four 2017 Hot Vendors in AI Chatbots Read More >

The Aragon Research Technology Arc for Artificial Intelligence, 2017
April 11, 2017

Summary: Aragon Research introduces its 2017 Technology Arcfor Artificial Intelligence. This inaugural edition features 31 technology and market profiles that are split between the emerging, adopting, and mature arcs Read More >

CIO and IT Blogs

Robotic Process Automation Bots and BPM: Leverage Both for Digital Success
August 16, 2017

RPA bots hold the exciting promise of replacing low level tasks initially and assisting human activity in the future. At the same time, BPM is intimidating with its high levels of investment and commitment implied Read More >

Three Major Types of Intelligent Bots To Use Now and In the Future
August 1, 2017

While customer service-friendly bots are often the first off the launch pad, the bots of the future will be both software and hardware aimed at assisting humans in all types of situations Read More >

Three Ways to Use Robotic Process Automation In Your Enterprise
August 9, 2017

RPA bots can eliminate very low level and repetitive tasks, can assist humans in more challenging tasks, and can quickly calculate and bid on work that is waiting for assistance Read More >

Three Types of AI to Leverage at the Customer Experience Level
July 25, 2017

Organizations have been taking advantage of emerging methods and technologies applied to customer interactions, operational productivity, and digitally-enabled business models Read More >