Collaboration is a primary business requirement for enterprises of all sizes. Organizations have to manage a rising extended workforce that consists of contractors, suppliers, and partners. The best collaboration tools provide real-time capabilities to allow for more transparency and immediacy when collaborating, which in turn, unleashes potential for increased productivity. They also leverage predictive and cognitive capabilities to enhance social collaboration and to obtain deeper analytics about people. We advise our clients on their enterprise collaboration strategy and on the technology decisions that will factor into making their strategy more effective.

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Collaboration Research

Hot Vendors in Digital Communications, 2017
September 9, 2017

Summary: As the digital enterprise comes online, the demand for more sophisticated and integrated communications will increase. Aragon identifies six Hot Vendors in Digital Communications helping the enterprise provide a more integrated business experience Read More >

The Aragon Research Technology Arc for Collaboration and Communications, 2017
April 10, 2017

Summary: Business users are increasingly seeking real-time capabilities to allow for more transparency and immediacy in knowledge sharing to increase productivity. This Research Note reviews 52 technologies and products Read More >

Hot Vendors in Visual Collaboration, 2017
August 3, 2017

Summary: Video content is becoming a pervasive form of sharing information and enterprises have begun to make Visual Collaboration a priority. From collaborating on mobile devices and in real-time to digital whiteboards, Visual Collaboration providers offer a variety of tools Read More >

The Aragon Research Globe for Unified Communications and Collaboration, 2017
March 2, 2017

Summary: The market for communications is shifting to one in which multi-modal interactions will become the norm. This Research Note is a market evaluation tool that examines 14 major providers in the UCC market Read More >

Collaboration Blogs

Genpact Acquires TandemSeven; Prepares for Impactful, Customer-Focused Digital Transformations
September 13, 2017

First Cut: Genpact announced that it is buying TandemSeven, a leader in the Customer Journey Mapping sector. This move makes Genpact a more potent player in Digital Transformations world-wide Read More >

Enterprise Connect 2017: The Winners and the Leaders
April 12, 2017

This event had good buzz and traffic seemed higher this year. The one interesting thing I noted is that many of the providers are saying the same things, often repeating each other. How do they rise above the noise? Aragon CEO Jim Lundy shares the inside scoop Read More >

Jive Software Goes Private – Future is Unclear
May 2, 2017

Jive Software announced it was being purchased for US $462 Million, by a firm that is owned by Private Equity firm ESW Capital. The deal, which is just under 2x Jive’s Revenues, signals the beginning of the end of the Enterprise Social Software era Read More >

Google, LogMeIn, Polycom, and Slack Make Major Collaboration Moves
February 6, 2017

Google, LogMeIn, Polycom, and Slack all made announcements that are sure to attract attention. This blog reviews some of those announcements Read More >