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Content is at the core of most every business process, whether that content is in the form of a strategy, a deliverable, a data sheet, or a blog post. In the digital workplace, the nature of content has changed. There are new types of content, such as video, that also must be managed. The way content is stored has changed; employees now carry enterprise content on their mobile device, a device they also use on the weekends. Managing new and old types of content and integrating that content with business applications and processes is the new battle cry in Content Management.

  • How should your content management strategy change as the digital workplace changes?
  • What trends are impacting how content is managed in the enterprise?
  • How do newer types of content, such as video, fit into your content management strategy?


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Hot Vendors in Mobile Content Management


Content Research

Hot Vendors in Modern Content Management, 2017
September 19, 2017

Summary: The lack of innovation from existing ECM providers is one of the reasons we see Modern Content Management platforms coming online. The Hot Vendors in Modern Content Management platforms are emerging to respond to these changes Read More >

The Workplace of the Future Starts with a Digital Work Hub
May 23, 2017

Summary: The explosion of cloud-based, best of breed content and collaboration tools is overwhelming the enterprise. This research note introduces the Digital Work Hub – an emerging category of enterprise-grade software Read More >

Intelligent Content Analytics Comes Online to Help Power the Digital Enterprise
September 12, 2017

Summary: ECM is no longer sufficient when it comes to content in the digital enterprise. Intelligent Content Analytics enables the enterprise to search and manage content to drive better decision making Read More >

Hot Vendors in Mobile Content Management, 2016
June 9, 2016

Summary: The Content Management market is undergoing a significant shift as the need to leverage content in business processes has become more critical. This research note identifies 4 Hot Vendors who are making a difference in this market Read More >

Content Blogs

The Rise of Content Analytics
September 13, 2017

Podcast: In this episode of Aragon Live, CEO and Lead Analyst, Jim Lundy discusses a new category that goes beyond traditional Enterprise Content Management (ECM) called Intelligent Content Analytics (ICA) Listen Here >

Process and Workflow Disrupt Traditional BPM Market
March 30, 2017

It seems that the BPM gurus are lamenting that the traditional BPM market is not growing at an explosive rate. These experts are debating what to rename the BPM market all the while process is exploding Read More >

HelloSign and Intelledox Raise Millions to Power Workflow and Content Automation
June 13, 2017

Workflow and Content Automation (WCA) has emerged from the larger DTM market and Aragon shares why investors are looking at this new breakout category Read More >

DocuSign Adds Payments and Changes the Game in DTM
May 11, 2017

Aragon attended its fifth DocuSign Momentum event in San Francisco. The big story was the shipment of DocuSign Payments. This capability represents the next chapter in Digital Transaction Management Read More >