Customer Journey Mapping

At the core of a great customer experience is the customer journey. Customer Journey Mapping technology can help organizations identify pain points in their customer journeys faster through digitally supported journey maps.

Use Customer Journey Mapping to help your enterprise retain your customer base and attract new clients, and before a major Customer Experience redesign.

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Essential Requirements for Customer Journey Mapping Technology

Jim Sinur, VP Research and Aragon Fellow at Aragon Research

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Optimize the Customer Experience: 7 Essential Requirements for Customer Journey Mapping

Jim Sinur, VP Research and Aragon Fellow at Aragon Research

Customer Journey Mapping Research

The Aragon Research Tech Spectrum for Customer Journey Mapping, 2017
September 29, 2017

With the ability to map the customer journey and capture the customer’s rational inputs, sentiments, real emotions, and responses, organizations are better equipped to successfully and proactively retain their current client base and target “best customers” to win new clients Read More >

Essential Requirements for Customer Journey Mapping Technology
February 15, 2017

Summary: The customer experience will change the relationship that a constituent (customer, employee, partner, etc.) has with an organization and often affects organizational revenue streams Read More >

Hot Vendors in Business Process Management, 2017
March 1, 2017

Summary: The Business Process Management (BPM) market is experiencing significant shifts to focus on the customer. This goal is gaining momentum and the Hot Vendors in Business Process Management each take a unique approach to supporting the needs of the BPM market Read More >

Digital Success Leverages Customer Journey Maps
September 15, 2016

Summary: Digital enables the opportunity to acquire new customers through better user experiences and new business models, products, and services. The foundation of this relationship will revolve around Customer Journey Maps, which are an easy on-ramp to digital Read More >

Customer Journey Mapping Blogs

Understanding Three Prevalent Types of Customer Centric Cultures
September 26, 2017

What does a customer centric culture look like? This blog explores the three major types of customer centric cultures and the affect in the long run Read More >

Genpact Acquires TandemSeven; Prepares for Impactful, Customer-Focused Digital Transformations
September 13, 2017

First Cut: Genpact announced that it is buying TandemSeven, a leader in the Customer Journey Mapping sector. This move makes Genpact a more potent player Read More >

Making the Case for Customer Journey Mapping: Two Approaches
September 19, 2017

Some businesses believe investing in customer journey mapping includes buying technology and other businesses believe technology is not necessary Read More >

The Secret to Creating Excellent Customer Journeys
August 29, 2017

Does your organization designate the touchpoints around how your customers should interact with your systems and your employees? While this approach is common among enterprises, it is no longer the best way forward Read More >