Ebook Collaboration Across a Hybrid Workforce 300x166 - Ebooks and Guides


Collaboration Across a Hybrid Workforce

Learn more about how to have effective collaboration in this free ebook


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Creating and Delivering Dynamic Experiences to Users on Any Device

Learn more about Content Experience Platforms and the benefits of implementing them in your business


eBook 300x172 - Ebooks and Guides


Improve Customer Experience with Intelligent Contact Centers

Learn more about ICCs and how to implement them in your business operations


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The Aragon Research Globe 101: What You Need to Know

Learn more about Aragon's Globe Reports


Smart Cities Ebook 300x168 - Ebooks and Guides


Smart Cities: Transform Your City into a Smart City

Learn how to start your city's digital transformation journet


AR Professionals Engaging with Aragon Research 300x223 - Ebooks and Guides


AR Professionals: Engaging with Aragon Research

Learn why, as an AR professional, you should engage with Aragon Research


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5 Things CIOs/CTOs Should Consider When Building a Cloud Environment

Download this free ebook to learn about your cloud environment


Screen Shot 2021 02 22 at 11.14.12 AM 300x216 - Ebooks and Guides

Securing Digital Transactions in 2021.

Learn about DTM trends that will help you secure your digital transactions.


10 best practices for the hybrid work model 1 - Ebooks and Guides


10 best practices for the hybrid work model.

Learn how to best manage your hybrid workforce as digital labor capabilities expand.


Intelligent Marketing - Ebooks and Guides


Maximize Revenue Impact with Intelligent Marketing

As the race to gain customer insights continues to develop, the need to have intelligence about customer behaviors is paramount.


CIO PLAYBOOK - Ebooks and Guides


Evaluating & Demonstrating IT Investment Performance

As a CIO, you need to define a set of metrics that can be used to evaluate and demonstrate the value of your investments to your leadership team.


Playbook for CIOs 1 - Ebooks and Guides


Business Reimagination During COVID-19

COVID-19 recovery remains uncertain, and CIOs must realize that the 'normal' state of business is part of a bygone era.


Playbook for CEOs - Ebooks and Guides


[Playbook for CEOs] Business Reimagination During COVID-19

 Learn how to drive a culture shift and lead your business in the right direction by downloading your free playbook.


Digital Transformation Higher Education - Ebooks and Guides


Digital Transformation in Higher Education

This eBook will explain why campuses are being forced to re-examine their protocols, policies, and technologies.


7 Trends in Sales Enablement - Ebooks and Guides


7 Trends in Sales Enablement

This eBook will provide key definitions and walk you through 7 trends in sales enablement to pay attention to.


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How to Prepare for a Digital Labor Workforce

This eBook will walk you through digital labor and prepare you for managing the workforce of the future.


Screen Shot 2020 01 06 at 12.00.58 - Ebooks and Guides


The Future of Work Begins With A Digital Work Hub

This eBook provides an overview of the digital work hubs market, and why your global enterprise should adopt a digital work hub approach.


Screen Shot 2020 01 06 at 11.50.09 - Ebooks and Guides


Aragon's Top 10 Predictions: Strategically Preparing for 2020

This eBook provides an overview of Aragon’s top ten predictions for 2020 and beyond, and tips on how to prepare for them.


How to Plan for a Digital Ethicist eBook - Ebooks and Guides


How to Plan for a Digital Ethicist

This eBook explains the need for enterprises to need to employ or retain the services of a digital ethicist to help them weigh the morality of decisions as well as the costs and benefits.


Reinvent Your Approach to Global Mobility Management - Ebooks and Guides


Reinvent Your Approach to Global Mobility Management

This eBook helps you understand global mobility management—what it is, the trends driving it, and why your global organization should be deploying it.


Talent Management - Ebooks and Guides


Talent Management: Building a More Prepared Workforce With a Complete Approach to Learning

This eBook walks you through modern learning and how to stay on top of it to create a more prepared workforce.


The Rise of Digital Labor Supporting Positive Customer Experiences in 2020 - Ebooks and Guides


The Rise of Digital Labor: Supporting Positive Customer Experiences in 2020

This guide will help customer service and support leaders prepare for the rise of digital labor and support personalized and consistent customer experiences.


A Culture of Collaboration Starts With The Top - Ebooks and Guides


A Culture of Collaboration Starts With The Top

This eBook will outline 8 factors that could lead to suboptimal engagement in your organization and help you determine a plan for improvement.


Voice Analytics eBook - Ebooks and Guides


Voice Analytics: An Emerging Trend in Security

This guide will introduce you to voice analytics and why it offers a more secure way to authenticate your enterprise’s users, partners, and customers.


The Sales Leaders Guide To 3 Key Sales Technology Categories - Ebooks and Guides

The Sales Leader's Guide To 3 Key Sales Technology Categories

This guide overviews three major sales technology categories, identified by Aragon, that will help sales teams transform their approach and win deals.


Workflow and Content Automation 1 - Ebooks and Guides

Workflow and Content Automation: The Transition From Basic DTM to Advanced

This eBook will delve into the evolution of basic digital transaction management to advanced and show you how WCA can transform your business processes.


Screen Shot 2019 10 15 at 12.02.32 - Ebooks and Guides

Your Guide to Conversational AI: Improving Customer Experience

This eBook explains how to best implement conversational AI capabilities into your business processes to improve customer experience.


Enterprise Architecture - Ebooks and Guides

Enterprise Architecture: How To Ensure Your Business Strategy Will Deliver

This eBook explains the concept of enterprise architecture and key components to manage and execute the practice successfully.


Empowering Your Workplace - Ebooks and Guides

Your Guide to Modern Communications and Collaboration

This eBook will delve into the modern UCC platform, how it is making people a priority, and the key components of people-centric collaboration.


4 Ways to Use Intelligent Content Analytics - Ebooks and Guides

The Secret to Competitive Content: Intelligent Content Analytics

This eBook explains the need for new ways to put content to work and how the insights from ICA allow enterprises to act faster and improve processes.


The Sales Engagement Playbook - Ebooks and Guides

Upgrade Your Sales Strategy with Sales Engagement

This eBook will walk readers through key trends driving the rise of sales engagement platforms and the major ways that SEPs can streamline and enhance the sales process.


10 Ways Content Management Is Changing - Ebooks and Guides

10 Ways Enterprise Content Management Is Changing

This eBook explains how content management technologies are changing and the capabilities you should be considering when evaluating content management vendors.


Get Started With Digital Transaction Management - Ebooks and Guides

Achieve Faster Business Outcomes with Digital Transaction Management

This eBook covers the ins and outs of the maturing digital transaction management market and guides enterprises on where they should start with their digital transformation efforts.


The CEOs Guide to Building the Intelligent Enterprise - Ebooks and Guides

Your Guide to Crafting Your Artificial Intelligence Strategy

This eBook covers the core concepts that define artificial intelligence and discusses the state of AI today and how you can begin building your intelligent enterprise.


Checklists & Guides


Back To Work - Ebooks and Guides

Back To Work Checklist

Start with this free checklist to help you prepare to tackle the new workplace–whether that be a physical or virtual one.


Top 10 Technology Trends That Are Changing - Ebooks and Guides

Top 10 Technology Trends That Are Changing In 2021

 This guide reviews the top 10 technology trends and categories that are emerging and enabling us to maintain business continuity.


Guide - Ebooks and Guides

Leverage Research To Get Executive Buy-In

This guide will walk you through presenting key insights to your executive team to get their buy-in when it comes to enacting positive change in your business.


Criteria to Choose Your Research and Advisory Firm 1 - Ebooks and Guides

Criteria to Choose Your Research & Advisory Firm

This checklist will help you discover the qualities to look for in a Research & Advisory firm.


checklist - Ebooks and Guides

Virtual Event Best Practices Checklist

This checklist will help you prepare for a successful, engaging virtual event.


SDR Checklist - Ebooks and Guides

Interactive Checklist for Remote SDRs

This assessment will help SDRs and their managers determine the gaps in their strategy.


Event Setback Schedule Template 1 - Ebooks and Guides

Event Setback Schedule Template

Whether you are planning an event from scratch or re-planning a postponed event, this complimentary Event Setback Schedule Template is a great place to start.


Employee Engagement Checklist - Ebooks and Guides

Employee Engagement Checklist

This free checklist outlines key aspects of employee engagement in nine categories.


Enterprise Security Checklist 2 - Ebooks and Guides

Enterprise Security Checklist

Our Enterprise Security Checklist provides you with aspects of security you must plan for in order to have a safe, well-functioning, and protected enterprise.


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