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Learning and Talent

The biggest challenge for enterprises today is maximizing the productivity of their people. People come to work each day seeking knowledge about how to do their jobs better.

The challenge is to ensure they have the skills and the knowhow to be productive. Learning is a big part of motivating and maintaining a productive workforce.

Aragon Research analysts have covered learning and talent markets for over ten years. We know the business of learning and we also know the critical issues facing enterprises in their quest to engage their workforces. Social HCM is a new term that focuses on engaging people, not tracking them. Social Recruiting, Social Performance and Recognition and much more are part of the mix of our coverage.

We have focused on learning and knowledge since our inception, and are now doubling down on this coverage area.

Learning and Talent Topic Issues

• What are the learning and knowledge trends affecting people and enterprises?
• How will learning and knowledge technologies evolve to enable a more engaged workforce?
• Who are the vendors that will lead the learning and talent explosion?
• How will enterprises win the talent game by maximizing their learning and talent investments?

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