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Sales Enablement tools have proliferated the digital selling market, and while they have helped sales professionals reach customers in new ways, they have led to a massive app overload and workflow interruption. Because of this, Aragon predicted that the fractured Sales Enablement category would consolidate into the Sales Engagement market.

Today, some Sales Enablement providers are now offering a complete digital selling platform – what Aragon calls a Sales Engagement Platform (SEP). SEPs streamline and condense digital selling tools to make it easier for sales teams to generate leads, engage with prospects, and support their customers. 

  • Who are the vendors making a difference in Sales Technology?
  • What criteria should I use to evaluate emerging Sales Engagement Platform providers?
  • How can enterprises prepare for and succeed with a digitally-enabled sales force?
Currently worth just over U.S. $1 Billion, the market for Sales Engagement Platforms will grow to be worth $5 Billion by 2021.Jim Lundy, CEO and Lead Analyst

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Sales Engagement Research

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Digitize the Sales Force: Leverage Sales Engagement Platforms to Gain a Competitive Advantage
June 8, 2016

Summary: While Sales Enablement is the current buzzword in the sales space, the Sales Engagement Platform (SEP), a new Digital Selling Platform that integrates with CRM, is key to empower sales professionals Read More >

Sales Engagement Blogs

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