Genpact Acquires TandemSeven; Prepares for Impactful, Customer-Focused Digital Transformations

by Jim Sinur

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Summary: On September 7th, 2017, Genpact announced the intent to purchase TandemSeven for an undisclosed price.

Event: Genpact announced that it is buying TandemSeven, a leader in the Customer Journey Mapping sector. This move makes Genpact a more potent player in Digital Transformations worldwide and a stronger leader in the Digital Business Platform (DBP) market.

With its new acquisition, Genpact will gain advantages over others in the Digital Business Platform market.


When combined with its June 2016 acquisition of PNMsoft’s Digital Business Platform business, Genpact’s acquisition of TandemSeven positions it to compete in the large enterprise Digital Transformation market, where the giant Digital Business Platform vendors dominate. Genpact will now compete against IBM, Pegasystems, Salesforce, and Microsoft, and it indicated that it is winning head-to-head deals against these tech titans.

Genpact’s Strategy of Acquisitions

Genpact’s CEO NV Tyagarajan’s strategy of growing via acquisition is starting to work to gain attention. The challenge will be to deliver large scale, Digital Transformation customer case studies that actually follow customer journeys and break down organizational silos—one of the biggest obstacles to customer satisfaction. Delivering customizations by customer will also be a big test to deliver in the coming months and years.

Genpact’s Growing Transformational Impact

In addition to gaining a larger set of toolkits to apply to Digital Transformation efforts, Genpact will offer a competitive advantage over tech titans, who have not strung together solutions that can map, implement, and effectively measure customer journeys.

The TandemSeven Offerings: Customer Journey Mapping as a Differentiator

The asset that Genpact receives with TandemSeven is a leading Customer Journey Mapping capability recognized by Aragon in its upcoming Tech Spectrum. This puts Genpact ahead of the other Digital Business Platforms for the moment.

Genpact Will Be the First in a Growing Number of Partnerships and Acquisitions

As the dust settles with this deal, we expect Genpact to continue to focus on brand awareness to compete more effectively in the large enterprise market for Digital Transformation journeys and projects.

Aragon Advisory

Bottom Line

Genpact has been positioning itself to become a market leader in Digital Transformations. With its TandemSeven acquisition and new Customer Journey Mapping capabilities, it now has a competitive advantage over other providers due to its ability to offer new Digital Transformation efforts.

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