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Independent Research

Our research keeps you up to date on major markets insights to help you keep your competitive edge. Understand how the latest
technologies will impact your business through objective, action-oriented visual research.

Trusted Advisory

We are the only analyst firm offering unlimited inquiries. Aragon lead analysts will help you solve your most pertinent business challenges and identify key opportunities for growth.

Personalized Approach

Right from the start, we work closely with you to put insights and strategies into a customized approach that fits your business goals best.

...including Visual Research

Visual Research  - Aragon Research

We’ve found that visual and textual research integrated together is the best and fastest combination for knowledge transfer. According to the Social Science Research Network, a majority of the population—65%— are visual learners. By combining two methods of learning, visual and text, we are providing enhanced knowledge delivery that best fits how people want to learn, and how they’re used to learning— meet Visual Research. 


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Featured Webinar

Deep Dive Into Aragon’s New Collaboration Visual Forecast: Why Web & Video Conferencing Should Be A Key Collaboration Strategy

In this webinar, CEO and Lead Analyst Jim Lundy will give you an inside look at our exclusive visual forecasts and how they can help organizations like yours get ahead in the market, and will explain why web and video conferencing should be a key collaboration strategy.

This webinar will answer these questions:

    • Why do room meeting experiences matter?
    • Where is the collaboration market headed?
    • Why are visual forecasts vital for enterprise growth?

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Featured eBook

5 Things CIOs/ CTOs Should Consider When Building a Cloud Environment

Many new organizations developing their IT strategies from scratch are naturally drawn to public clouds by the lure of pay-as-you-go operating costs, seemingly limitless elasticity, significantly less upfront capital costs, reduced operational complexity, and most importantly, levels of security that are exceedingly difficult to achieve in most self-managed on-premise deployments. Despite these major trends, not all IT services are appropriate to move to the public cloud. This eBook dives into key factors you should consider when building your cloud environment.

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Featured Blog

Reduce Your Organization's Carbon Footprint Now: 4 Benefits

Now, I know it’s not that simple–change takes time and a lot of hard work. But there are both short-term and long-term strategies that your organization can take that will make a difference. And if you aren’t on the path to sustainability, you will fall behind.

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Sustainability - Aragon Research

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