What Are Intelligent Contact Centers?

Modern Intelligence Contact CenterIn an era of digital transformation, yesterday's communication methods—such as traditional voice response systems—can't keep up with the needs of the digital enterprise or the rising customer demand for personalized, consistent journeys.

Contact centers are evolving into AI-enhanced intelligent contact centers (ICCs) to enable faster interactions, deeper insights, and seamless experiences for both customers and customer service teams. As the primary interface between a business and its customers or prospects, providing a positive contact center experience is critical to ensuring customer satisfaction, acquisition, and retention.

We advise our clients on how to get started with an intelligent contact center by focusing on specific priorities and business outcomes.


Powering Enhanced Customer Journeys

Powering Enhanced Customer Journeys

The customer journey is essential to future-proof the customer experience, and with customer loyalty earned on each and every interaction, enterprises can't afford to skip out on modern contact center capabilities.

AI chatbots (or what we refer to as conversational AI), embedded with natural language processing (NLP) technologies, are increasingly becoming the first touchpoint a customer has with a business. Additionally, machine learning, sentiment analysis, and content analytics can provide deeper insights into customer experiences. Read this report to learn how AI will transform contact centers.


Recent Research


The Aragon Research Globe for Intelligent Contact Centers, 2021

Aragon Research releases its third Aragon Research Globe™ for intelligent contact centers (ICCs). The ICC market is in the midst of consolidation as the demand for contact centers has grown during the pandemic.

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Hot Vendors in Artificial Intelligence for the Intelligent Contact Center, 2021

Contact centers need AI tools like virtual agents and voice and data analytics to become intelligent and remain competitive. Aragon has identified 4 vendors in AI for ICC that are making a difference in the market.

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The Intersection of Unified Communications and Collaboration with Contact Center

 Looking at UCC and CC together represents a significant trend in the market.

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Intelligent Contact Center, Powered by Modern AI

Contact center performance directly impacts the customer experience, and AI-backed contact centers enable faster, personalized, and more accurate interactions, while lowering costs and providing deeper insights for the enterprise.

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How AI Will Transform Contact Center

How Is AI Transforming the Contact Center Market?

For contact centers, it has become increasingly important to integrate various modes of communications and the technologies that support customer journeys. In an era of increasing user expectations, AI is a key enabler for faster outcomes within the contact center.

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The Evolution of Contact Center


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