AI and the Future of Contact Center

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As the primary interface between an enterprise and its customers and prospects, the importance of providing a positive contact center experience cannot be overstated. Powered by modern AI, the intelligent contact center (ICC) is able to provide faster problem resolution, more personalized customer journeys, and lower costs for the enterprise.

While no ICC solution is likely to reach its full potential for some time, businesses should evaluate their current contact center providers in order to evaluate their overall AI and customer experience strategies.

This eBook will walk readers through the major trends impacting the contact center market and key opportunities for AI augmentation in the contact center.


Intelligent Contact Center Resources

Special Report

How Intelligence will Disrupt Collaboration and Communication

Featuring insights from:

    • Jim Lundy, CEO and Lead Analyst for Contact Center
    • Adrian Bowles, PhD, VP Research and Lead Analyst for AI
    • Nicole Speciale, Associate Analyst