Managing Mobility in the Enterprise

The number of mobile, intelligent, and interconnected devices continues to grow as we shift into the Internet of Things (IoT) era.

Leveraging sensors, smart sensors, and controllers for expanded pattern sensing, decisions, and appropriate actions at the edge is a new and growing trend, but the challenge will be in controlling all of this data. Modern artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies can guide these interconnected systems.

The shift to an IoT world means that devices, buildings, drones, cars, and people are always connected. With a focus on operational efficiency, automation, and new business models, the IoT responds to the needs of increasingly mobile individuals and enterprises.

What is the best mobile strategy for my business?
What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

What Is a Mobile-First Approach?

Cloud, mobile, and the growing API economy—which enables interactions between the "things" in "Internet of Things"—are embedding communication and collaboration into the business applications, processes, and services that people do their work in.

A mobile-first approach compresses business processes into a compact and easy-to-use mobile application and drives the shift toward a new collaborative and mobile workplace.

We advise clients on their mobile and IoT strategy and the applications that can give them a competitive advantage by addressing the following questions:

  • How will mobile, IoT, and edge computing evolve?
  • How do we leverage mobile devices—including tablets—across our enterprise?
  • How can we develop a comprehensive strategy for mobile applications?


While mobile messaging has been popular in the consumer space for a number of years, it is increasingly becoming part of an enterprise's communication and collaboration strategy.

To learn more about the growing demand for messaging in the workplace, view this exclusive Visual Research clip from our research note, The Aragon Research Globe™ for Mobile Collaboration, 2018.


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