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Ken Dulaney

Vice President of Research and Aragon Fellow
47 years of industry experience
Redwood City, CA

Vice President of Research and Aragon Fellow Ken Dulaney joined Aragon Research in 2017 to lead the coverage for enterprise mobility.

For over 20 years, Ken Dulaney was Gartner's lead mobile analyst. Ken has been consistently recognized for his insight and thought leadership across the technology landscape, and was voted as one of the top industry analysts by AdWeek during his career at Gartner.

Ken brings his extensive consulting, IT, and technology product management experience to Aragon Research. His professional background includes positions at Deloitte, GRiD Systems, and Tandem Computers (now part of HP). As a former VP and distinguished analyst at Gartner, Ken provided advisory services to mobile computing technology suppliers and enterprise firms. He has a deep understanding of various industries and how those industries can use technology to improve productivity and profits.


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