What Can AI Do for Your Enterprise?

Modern AI and predictive analytics give enterprises the opportunity to automate analysis of data to produce better insights than their human competitors. Better data can improve the performance of decision-makers at all levels of your organization, and it is easier to improve the data than it is to find the perfect decision-maker (even the best leaders will improve their performance with better information).

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About Modern Artificial Intelligence

What Is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

AI is a discipline that attempts to create systems capable of thought or behavior based on natural processes. These natural processes include vision, language processing, reasoning, and learning. AI applies research from computer science, psychology, mathematics, linguistics, and neuroscience to develop problem-solving applications that supplant or augment human intellectual performance.

Modern AI technologies include machine learning, natural language interfaces, and a variety of technologies to support evidence-based decision-making. Supported by large data sets and modern distributed computing platforms, this stack provides the essential tools to enable today’s Intelligent Enterprise.

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Building Your AI Roadmap

Because AI makes resources smarter, enterprises who leverage it sooner than their competitors will have a strategic advantage.

Business Planners need to:

  1. Ask their providers if they have a roadmap for AI. If your providers are not planning on developing or acquiring AI applications and technologies, begin to evaluate alternative providers.
  2. Understand user needs and the potential impact of emerging AI and Machine Learning technologies and applications. Allocation of AI investments should be first applied to areas that stand to have the biggest impact on business.

How to plan for Artificial Intelligence

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AI Research

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