What does my subscription include?

Aragon Provisor Includes:

  • Participation in the Aragon Insight Network (research community) for two users
  • Access to our core research service (PDF and Visual Research)
  • Regular advisory calls with Aragon analysts
  • Exclusive Aragon Live! podcasts

Aragon Foresight Includes:

The Foresight service includes all Aragon Provisor features, in addition to:

How long is my subscription?

Subscriptions with Aragon Research are for 12 months. You are billed each month for 12 months.

How do I cancel?

Aragon Research subscriptions are one-year terms. To cancel your paid subscription plan at the end of the term, sign in and go to the My Account page.

Is the billing and sign-up page secure?

Yes, Aragon uses Chargify which is fully PCI-compliant. Chargify is level 1 PCI-compliant, which means we are audited each year at the same level as major banks and payment processors. They are also listed on Visa’s approved vendor list.

You can review additional PCI information including SSL encryption and PCI DSS compliance validation here.

How do I get my two users access to the Aragon Insight Community (AIN)?

When you sign up for your subscription, you'll enter the names and email addresses for each user. Each user will receive an email (within three to eight hours) that will invite them to the AIN community (powered by Yammer/Office 365). Each user will also receive a link that will walk through the steps of how to log in.

My users are having trouble logging in.

Please view our onboarding video for tips on getting started with the AIN.

Microsoft 365 users that are members of other Yammer communities may need to:

a) Log in to Yammer.
b) Click the gear icon in the lefthand panel if they are not directed to the AIN community.
c) Select Aragon Insight from the available communities at the bottom of the window (see below).

AIN Yammer FAQ


Users should also clear their web browser cache, which often resolves problems. If these solutions do not work, registered clients can contact their account executive, email info@aragonresearch.com, or call 1 (888) 650-2586 for further assistance.

Our company already has Office 365 from Microsoft. Is the login for AIN the same as our Office 365?

Yes. Aragon AIN uses Yammer, which is part of Microsoft Office 365. The login for our AIN community leverages existing Office 365 credentials. If you have Office 365 at your firm, use your current Office 365 login.

After you log in, you'll be directed to the AIN community, which is separate from other Yammer communities you may already belong to. If you do belong to other Yammer communities and are not directed to the AIN community when you log in, please follow the directions for the previous question to select the Aragon Insight community.

Who do I contact if I have billing questions?

Please email billing@aragonresearch.com.

How do I access my billing account information?

Once you're activated as a subscriber, you'll receive an invitation and will be signed in to the billing portal to be able to access your subscription. The invite email is valid for 48 hours after it is sent. If you try to use the invite after this time, you will be asked to generate a new invite.

I can’t find my billing portal address.

You'll find a link to manage your subscriptions at the bottom of your statements and invoices. This link is good for 65 days. This link alone is not sufficient to sign a customer into their billing portal account unless you choose to bypass email verification in your billing portal settings.

If you have signed in recently (from the methods above), you can access your subscription. If you have not logged in for an extended period, you will be asked to verify your identity with a new login email (or by entering a password, if password logins are enabled).

Will I be charged tax for an Aragon Research subscription?

No taxes are charged for an Aragon Research subscription.

Are taxes charged for the purchase of individual research notes from the Aragon Store?

Yes. An individual research note is a digital good and is taxed. The tax charged is based on the billing address.

If I have more questions, who do I contact?

Call us at 1 (888) 650-2586 or email us at info@aragonresearch.com for further questions.