ToolKits Will Help You

Get the steps and methodology needed

to conduct critical and repeatable digital workplace processes with interactive toolkits

Learn ways to cut costs

across departments while still enabling productivity

Accelerate business results

by learning how to build and cultivate strong, relationship-based corporate communications programs

Craft a successful RFP

by getting step-by-step instructions on how to craft it with Foresight’s RFP toolkits to ensure successful procurements

What ToolKits Are Based On

Data Collection by World-Class Analysts

Decades worth of independent research and data collection from world-class analysts who have hands-on executive business and IT experience

Actionable Insights

Each toolkit is filled with actionable insights to walk you through every step of the process

Critical Business Issues Turned into Solution Toolkits

Aragon Research analysts took the critical business issues our clients raised in briefings and inquires and turned the solutions to these challenges into repeatable business toolkits

Our toolkits include everything from RFP frameworks to how-to guides, to implementation and planning guidance.

Key Benefits of RFP Toolkits

Step-By- Step Instructions

Get step-by-step instructions on how to craft a compelling RFP to ensure successful procurements

Consistent Framework

Give buyers confidence that you will meet their needs through a consistent framework

Make The Procurement Process Easier

Make the procurement process easier for your bidders by enabling them to accurately calculate costs and make their proposals responsive

Reviewed by Trusted Advisor

Get your final RFP reviewed by your trusted advisor as part of your service

Recent Toolkits


Creating an RFP for Digital Transaction Management

Because the market is maturing, DTM is thereby expanding beyond just the initial focus on the signature. Workflow and Content automation and the rise of asset management are all forcing providers to focus more on the document lifecycle of the content that it is tied to or that comprises the transaction.

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How to Write a Great Blog

Writing a blog is easier said than done, which is why getting started is always a challenge when it comes to blogging. Finding your blogging voice is as much about having something to say as it is about the writing. This toolkit outlines the steps you need to take to start writing a great blog post. Writing a blog takes some structure—and some patience. A blog has a structure that should be followed.

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Creating the Perfect Corporate Presentation

Creating a great corporate presentation is harder than it seems. It takes work and patience, but a winning corporate presentation can show off a firm in many positive ways.

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