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Why Aragon?

Unparalleled understanding of the intersection of technology and business

Aragon Research is the leading research and advisory services firm focusing on work and people.  Our experience and understanding of the intersection of technology and business is unparalleled.


We help clients make faster, smarter decisions

  • Aragon Research understands how technology impacts business.
  • Aragon Research provides deeper analysis and has a better understanding of how to leverage technology.
  • Our Analysts average over 20 years of experience, compared to others with 12.


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Why Aragon Research
Proven Business Experience - Why Aragon

Four Ways To Grow with Aragon

Aragon Research works with executives at every major level of the business to help them reach their goals and exceed their potential.

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Regroup and rethink your strategy and goals with the help of Aragon analysts, who will work with you to target and solve your most pertinent business challenges.

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Visual Research is a standalone video that accompanies each of Aragon's research report to deliver faster insights and better outcomes for our clients.

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Our comprehensive coverage of AI Platforms dives into the dynamic landscape of artificial intelligence as developments soar to new heights with exponential capabilities.

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Our analysts only use advanced methodologies to analyze markets!

  • Our market evaluation tool, the Aragon Research Globe has more dimensions of analysis than other qualitative analysis.
  • We evaluate and rate technologies using our new Technology Arc methodology.
  • We talk with end users every day as part of our ongoing market coverage.
  • We stay updated on vendor roadmaps—through regular vendor briefings.
  • More Advice. Every research note has an Aragon Research Advisory section.


A Client-Focused Firm

Our expert guidance and tools enable faster, smarter decisions and stronger performance on an organization’s mission-critical priorities.

  • Our mission is to help our clients identify and solve their business problems.
  • Beyond Expertise. We have helped run businesses, so our analysts have the experience you can trust. It isn't just about knowing the technologies; it is about applying them
  • Availability. You can talk with an analyst within 24 to 48 hours. At other firms, it can take a month to chat with an expert.
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