Why a Strategy Day is the move for you

Having a hard time staying ahead of competitors in your market? Growing frustrated with digital disruption throwing off your business results? Not sure how to keep up with changing market trends? Struggling to plan your 2023 strategy during these uncertain times?

If yes to any of these questions, a Strategy Day with Aragon Research is the move for you. A Strategy Day, also known as Professional Advisory Services (“PAS”) Internal Session (the “Service”), enables your organization to directly engage an Aragon Research Analyst for a knowledge-based Advisory or Evaluation Session.

Regroup and rethink your strategy and goals with the help of Aragon analysts, who will work with you to target and solve your most pertinent business challenges.


Types of Strategy Days

Category Creation – Go to Market (Pricing & Packaging) – Becoming a Digital Business – Putting AI to Work

Category Creation

  • Current vs future positioning
  • Positioning against competitors

Go to Market (Product Packaging & Pricing)

  • Discuss current and future strategy
  • Discuss partner opportunities
  • Discuss sales strategy
  • Understand product roadmap
  • Identify opportunities to beat competitors
  • Leverage current product mix to segment and bundle
  • Build a pricing matrix

Becoming a Digital Business

  • Trends in your market
  • Technology shifts
  • The market size opportunity
  • Overview Aragon’s DB framework
  • Workshop - making the digital shift

Putting Artificial Intelligence to Work

  • 10 key technologies to understand (deep dive)
  • ML and deep learning
  • AI workshop on your product
  • Make vs licensing 
  • How to launch AI
  • How to market and demonstrate AI offerings

Benefits of a Strategy Day

  • Gain a deeper understanding of your market 
  • Gain more knowledge about your competitors
  • Receive strategic advice and recommendations 
  • Leave with deliverables – take home the strategy planning day slide presentation (150 slides!)
Strategy Day

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