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What Is Visual Research?

Visual Research is a standalone video that accompanies a research report to deliver insights faster. Visual Research videos cover key concepts, technology trends, and competitive insights that executives need to know—in 2 minutes or less.

Visual Research vs. Traditional Research

We’ve found that visual and textual research integrated together is the best and fastest combination for knowledge transfer. According to the Social Science Research Network, a majority of the population—65%— are visual learners. By combining two methods of learning, visual and text, we are providing enhanced knowledge delivery that best fits how people want to learn, and how they’re used to learning.

Your peers and competitors are increasingly using video to help their employees and customers. 95% of B2B buyers said that they wanted shorter and highly visual content. Publishers that feature visual content grow traffic 12 times faster than those who don’t.

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How Visual Research Benefits Your Business

In the era of digital transformation and ever changing markets, it's challenging to keep up with the latest technology trends, mergers and acquisitions, and market insights. Independent research reports from Aragon Research are designed to give you actionable advice, helping you gain a competitive advantage. This specific type of research works in conjunction with our reports to assist you in the process of taking the information you’ve learned and synthesizing it. It helps you to: 

  • Engage with advisory and insights through an audio & visual format 
  • Comprehend information faster 
  • Retain the insights you’ve learned


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