Vendor Briefings

Vendor Briefings at Aragon Research

A vendor briefing is a meeting between a technology vendor and an Aragon Research analyst who covers the vendor and the market that vendor participates in. Briefings connect analysts and technology vendors and enable analysts to understand and assess key elements of particular vendors.

Aragon Research analysts have discretion regarding the vendor briefings deemed interesting and essential, and thus have decision rights regarding scheduling of any briefings.

Vendor Briefing

The intent of a vendor briefing is to facilitate communication of vendor strategy and capabilities to analysts with interest in their product or market. The briefing will predominantly be a communication from the vendor to the analyst. Analysts will typically ask questions and probe for depth of understanding, but analyst review, feedback, or other analysis is generally not part of a briefing.

Requesting a vendor briefing? To request a briefing with Aragon analysts, please complete our Aragon Vendor Briefing Form.



Vendor Briefings Process

Vendor briefings are typically 45 minutes to an hour of presentation. The preferred methods for briefings are web meetings and telephone. Most briefing requests will be processed and accepted or declined within five business days. Accepted briefings will typically be scheduled within two to four weeks of the submission. We will attempt to schedule briefings based on requested timelines, but at times, analyst availability will limit flexibility. Please send copies of slides or demos that will be used for our reference.

Briefing Best Practices

Open and concise communication of vendor strategy is the best approach. Attention to the major points of business and product strategy are important. An outline of a good vendor briefing:

  • Start with overview of who you are.
  • Summarize the focus of the company, highlighting the particular market.
  • Concisely review what the company does, and why this is an important area.
  • Overview products and services offered.
  • Review why customers buy, highlighting use cases.
  • Accentuate competitive differentiators.