Client Success Stories

Client Story 1

Negotiating Contract Renewal Results In An Estimated Saving Of $200,000

Client Success 2

Driving Innovation Through End-To-End Mobile Enablement Strategy

Client Success 3

Creating New Market Category To Accelerate Growth

Client Success 4

Identifying Video Surveillance Options for Retail

Client Success 5

Creating New Product Strategy and Pricing Model

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Client Testimonials

See What Clients Are Saying About Aragon’s Experience

"I find that the team at Aragon is not only knowledgeable but very charismatic and dynamic in the way that they approach business and we’ve learned a lot from working alongside them.”

Neha Sampat
CEO, Contentstack

See What Clients Are Saying About Aragon’s Accessibility

"That ability to call up, on-demand, debate something, and then be able to get that quick turn advice that’s really strategic and valuable, is something that makes a huge difference for us."

Eric Johnson
CEO, Nintex

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Client Focus

  • Our mission is to help our clients identify and solve their business problems.
  • We customize our approach to best meet each client's needs and business goals.
  • Aragon clients can speak to a lead analyst within 24 to 48 hours. At other large analyst firms, it can be difficult to reach a lead analyst when you need immediate insight.

See What Clients Are Saying About Aragon’s Understanding of Markets

  • We spot markets before our competitors.
  • We are quick to define new markets and technologies—Digital Transaction Management (DTM), Workflow and Content Automation (WCA), Digital Business Platforms (DBPs), and sales engagement—before other analyst firms.
  • We talk with end-users every day as part of our ongoing market coverage.
  • We stay updated on vendor roadmaps through regular vendor briefings.

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