Client Story 5


Despite having a product that was selling online subscriptions at a rapid pace, the client did not have a strategy to sell to large enterprises. Due to this, other competitors were landing much larger deals and shutting out the client. The client did not have an enterprise pricing model nor an approach to sell to medium and large enterprises.

How Aragon Helped

During a full-day strategy session and subsequent inquiries, Aragon analysts helped assess the client's current pricing strategy. Analysts advised the client on the development of a tiered enterprise pricing model based on new product bundles. Aragon analysts also discussed the different ways to position the product with large enterprises that went beyond just the new pricing model. 

Company: Technology Provider

Industry: Cloud SaaS Software

Revenue: $50 Million



With support from Aragon analysts who specialize in technology and business management, the client:

  • Established a new pricing model that was 2x higher than the previous one
  • Achieved a $1 million dollar enterprise deal within 30 days of rolling out the new pricing
  • Won deals against competitors in large enterprises
  • Attracted new investors with multi-million dollar deals 
  • Accelerated M&A roadmap and landed the final acquisition of $1.2 Billion


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