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The client had difficulty differentiating its product offering in a ten-year-old market that was viewed as a commodity. Because the client lacked the right strategy, it lacked a competitive advantage and was failing to scale, partly due to commodity pricing. 

How Aragon Helped

Aragon analysts worked with the client to develop a strategy that led to the definition of a new market category that was differentiated and had a defined addressable market.

After working with the client for months, Aragon defined a new market category and published a category definition research report. Aragon began covering this market and after two years, it was clear that the market was taking off. As a result of existing and new competitors in the market, Aragon published an Aragon Research Globe that compared major providers in this market.


Company: Technology Provider

Industry: Technology Services

Revenue: Multi-Million



With Aragon’s guidance, the client was able to:

  • Reposition the company around the new category
  • Scale dramatically
  • Increase revenue by 16x
  • Win new business
  • Secure significant funding from investors at the category conception

The client's growth led to IPO four years later.


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