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A state government lacked a comprehensive mobile strategy for central IT and for their multiple agencies around the state. Previously, they had contracted with a large global consulting firm to help them solve this challenge, but the deliverables that the consulting firm provided were deemed incomplete and insufficient.

How Aragon Helped

Aragon analysts were brought in to develop a strategy and roll-out plan for end-to-end mobile enablement. Aragon assisted with the development of complete policy templates for the usage and governance of mobile devices, mobile services, and mobile applications. Aragon also assisted with the development of mobile app development policies and procedures. After this strategy had been put into place, Aragon analysts then delivered training to the state’s IT departments on best practices in mobile app development. Aragon analysts also held mobile app ideation sessions to teach business leaders the fundamentals of what a mobile app does and then guided them to self discover potential new mobile apps that would help different agencies serve both associates and constituents. 

Company: State Government 

Industry: Government

Revenue: >$30 Billion



With Aragon’s support, the client was able to:

  • Develop and deploy an effective, comprehensive mobile strategy
  • Learn the best practices for mobile app development and ongoing management within each agency
  • Learn how mobile apps operate and develop new mobile apps that saved time and increased productivity for routine procedures and policies inside specific agencies
  • Save an estimated $1 million by preventing each agency from having to develop their own policies and procedures


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