Aragon Analysts

Jim Lundy
Jim Lundy
Founder, CEO,
and Lead Analyst

Ken Dulaney Analyst Profile
Ken Dulaney
Vice President of Research
and Aragon Fellow

Betsy Burton
Betsy Burton
Vice President of Research
and Aragon Fellow

Adam Pease Headshots 012920 3 244x300 1

Adam Pease
Associate Analyst and Editor

Our globally recognized analysts not only have experience at lauded analyst firms, but have executive business and IT experience as well. This enables them to approach the challenges our clients face through a real-world, business and IT lens. Aragon analysts help our clients accelerate their decision-making process with confidence, whether that client is a vendor or end user, or business or IT executive.

Aragon clients are a top priority for Aragon analysts. Unlike larger analyst firms, where it may be difficult to speak to a lead analyst when you have a pressing need, Aragon clients have constant contact—daily, weekly, and monthly—with our lead analysts to get the immediate, up-to-date advice when they need it most.

We invite you to meet our analysts and get to know their areas of expertise.

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Aragon analysts publish extensive original research on both established and emerging markets, and they have been recognized by our clients as spotting and categorizing new markets before other research and advisory firms. Markets including digital transaction management, digital business platforms, sales engagement, and workflow and content automation, were all markets first recognized by Aragon.

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Each of our analysts bring a wealth of experience as former vendors, users, and analysts at lauded firms. As a client of Aragon Research, you will get to know our lead analysts well as they help you plan your technology initiatives and strategize for business outcomes.

Vendor Briefings

A vendor briefing is a meeting between a technology vendor and an Aragon Research analyst who covers the vendor and the market they participate in.

Briefings connect analysts and technology vendors to enable analysts to understand and assess key elements of particular vendors. Aragon Research analysts have discretion regarding the vendor briefings deemed interesting and essential, and thus have decision rights regarding scheduling of any briefings.



Analyst Inquiry

Analyst inquiries connect business or IT leaders with Aragon Research analysts.

A business leader might be faced with a challenge, decision, or simply have a question about their business that they are seeking advice for. They provide their questions in advance of the inquiry via the Analyst Inquiry Form.

The purpose of an analyst inquiry is to help our analysts understand your business context and needs. This allows us to help you solve your challenges, assess competitive threats, and spot opportunities for growth.