Aragon Research is an independent research and advisory firm. We provide business and IT executives with the actionable insights they need to navigate technology's ever-evolving impact on business. Headquartered in Morgan Hill, CA, Aragon Research works with executives at every major level of the business and across industries to give them the tools they need to make more informed technology and strategy decisions.

Client Focus

We are in a unique position to help clients due to our analysts' experience as end users, vendors, and analysts at major research and advisory firms. See what some of our clients are saying about working with Aragon Research.

Action-Oriented Research

Our research is action-oriented; each of our reports includes an "Aragon advisory" section. Aragon advisory is a set of specific, key takeaways that gives executives action items to begin transforming their business or fixing a persistent issue.

Visual Research

Visual Research takes traditional, text-based research and enhances it with video to accelerate knowledge delivery. Designed with on-the-go executives in mind, Visual Research enables our clients to learn key concepts in as little as two minutes.


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Aragon Cares

At Aragon Research, we work hard to give back to surrounding communities in need each month.


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