About Us

Aragon Research is the next generation research firm with the experience you can trust.

It started out as an idea of going back to basics and providing thought leading research that was delivered every month to clients. At the same time there was a realization that clients had more complex problems and that they needed real trusted advisors to help them solve their business and technology problems.


Aragon Research Inc is a research and advisory firm that was founded in 2011 by Jim Lundy and Mike Anderson. Based in Silicon Valley (Morgan Hill), we are focused on providing thought leading research and unmatched advisory services to help your enterprise make better technology and strategy decisions. With over 50 years of end user, vendor and analyst knowhow, Aragon Research has the experience and insight you need.

Aragon Research focuses on high impact research and unmatched advice to help you make better technology and strategy decisions. The research team has over 50 years of combined business and technology experience. Jim Lundy was a Managing Vice President at Gartner, where he each led a number of research practice areas.

Aragon Research Difference

We combine our time tested business experience, along with our premium research and our methodologies to help you make better decisions. Aragon Research can make the difference for you.

What makes Aragon Research different is our focus: we are committed to assisting our clients with their technology related business problems. Our research is more action-oriented with a section in every piece that is called Aragon Advisory. In addition, Aragon Analysts have extensive business experience, both in technology and in running and growing a business.

New Interactive Research

Our Interactive Research add audio or video to a Research Note. Listening to an overview of the Research or watching an embedded video increases the knowledge retention. Aragon is one of the only research firms that is adding interactive content to its research.

Trusted Advisory is what we are all about. Many analysts at most Research firms struggle to provide the level of advice that is classified as Trusted. This is where Aragon Research steps in. We have expertise from experience; our team has occupied many of the jobs that you and your staff occupy as well as the situations you may encounter.

Aragon Research advises both large and small enterprises; both well-established and new businesses. Take a look around our site and contact us to find out how we can help your firm move to the next level.

Jim Lundy has been a trusted advisor to me and my staff for years. His insight helped us make more informed technology decisions.Brad Samargya, Chief Learning Officer, Ericsson

Trusted Advisory

Aragon Research provides unmatched advisory services. Our team takes the time to understand your issues and provides input and advice to assist your decision making.

You need to make decisions fast and you can't afford to make a mistake. Aragon Research has the proven team of experienced analysts that have been in the trenches and can walk the talk.

We understand the intersection of business and technology and can help you move faster.