Leverage Your Content More Effectively

Shifts in content types and the need to expedite digital transformation have created changes in the requirements for managing critical content processes.

There are a number of key technologies shaping the enterprise content management market (ECM) that can provide enterprises with a competitive advantage. These include intelligent content analytics (ICA), automated document generation, and dynamic experience management (DXM; also called headless CMS). Enterprises should be aware of these technologies and how they are helping businesses to unleash dark data inside of their content repositories and enable more seamless customer journeys.

We advise our clients on the content management technologies right for the specific needs of their enterprise.


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Do You Have a Modern Content Strategy?

An emerging trend in the ECM market is the rise of platforms, which can enable completely digital, content-focused processes. There is a growing need for these platforms to be able to manage more diverse content and provide real-time analytics on what is happening in a content-based process. Modern content platforms will also help enterprises streamline and consolidate their content management technologies.

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Enterprise Content Platforms

Enterprise Content Platforms are a modern form of Enterprise Content Management that continues to rise as this market is transitioning from a focus on managing content to one of processing and automating content.



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The Rise of Intelligent Content Analytics

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) imposes significant obligations on enterprises when it comes to data, documents, contracts, and business units. Because most compliance-related issues are related to critical information in documents and contracts, intelligent content analytics can help automate content analysis, drive informed decision-making, and reduce costs in addressing policies. 

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From Process to Content Automation: Why People Will Spend Less Time Manually Creating Documents

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How Is the Content Management Market Changing?

Is your business still using a traditional content management system? Is it meeting the new needs of your business?

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The Current State of Content

With the content management market in a transitional phase, read this infographic for an overview of the current state of content.

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Special Report

Transform Your Content Management Strategy with Content Analytics

Unstructured content has been an underutilized resource in the race to go digital.
Intelligent content analytics is an emerging technology that represents the ability to expose the information held in documents and assist the enterprise in making faster and more informed decisions.

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