What Is the Cloud?

Palantir may be making a play for the digital business platform market.

The cloud is basically servers that are accessed over the internet. But there are now three "clouds":

Public cloud—A public cloud provides access to IT services over the public internet on infrastructure owned and operated by the public cloud provider. Access to these resources is shared across customers and while there can be a rich set of configuration and monitoring tools for each individual customer’s virtualized environments, there is little to no visibility into the underlying physical infrastructure.

Private cloud—A private cloud provides access to IT services on dedicated infrastructure and is used exclusively by a single organization. There is full visibility into any virtualization or containerization within the private cloud as well as visibility into the underlying physical infrastructure. This infrastructure can be in an on-premise datacenter or colocation facility managed by the organization’s IT team or it can be outsourced and managed by a private cloud provider.

Hybrid cloud—A hybrid cloud is the joining of at least one public cloud and one private cloud providing an organization the ability to deploy workloads to whichever cloud makes more sense based on the IT service requirements.

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