Automate Processes to Drive Business Outcomes

One of the first tasks enterprises must do to improve business processes is identify and migrate workflows away from paper-based systems. Workflow and content automation (WCA) is a new enterprise software category for automating business workflows, document processes, and transactions.

WCA technologies automate workflows and produce intelligent documents with valuable data analytics that make businesses more productive. We help our clients choose WCA solutions that accelerate how quickly information flows between enterprises, people, and important business systems to accelerate process cycle times and increase accuracy.


What is workflow and content automation?
Crafting Your Content Automation Strategy

From Content Management to Content Automation

While many businesses have begun digitally transforming through digital transaction management (DTM), most have not yet taken the next step: workflow and content automation. We're leaving the content management era and entering the content automation era and today, the demand is to automate the entire content lifecycle.

By consolidating forms, workflow, and customer communication management (CCM) software, WCA can streamline document processes, improve operations, and accelerate time to revenue.


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Race to Revenue: Adding Intelligence to Your Workflow and Content Automation

With: Jim Lundy, CEO and Lead Analyst at Aragon Research

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Complimentary Infographic

The Automation Engine: 5 Trends Driving The Rise of WCA


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The Aragon Research Tech Spectrum for Workflow and Content Automation, 2o18

We are leaving the content management era and entering the content automation era. This note overviews WCA, a critical way to automate the enterprise, and evaluates 13 providers that offer solutions in this emerging market.

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The Aragon Research Technology Arc for Digital Transaction Management and Enterprise Content Management, 2018

As more content moves to DTM, there may be challenges with managing that content beyond a specific transaction. Over time, more DTM providers will integrate with ECM and records management.

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SWOT: Nintex Workflow Cloud

Nintex is well-positioned to take advantage of the shift to more automated content solutions and platforms, as automating processes is a critical step to becoming a fully digital enterprise. In this research note, Aragon provides a SWOT analysis facing Nintex.

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Hot Vendors in Modern Content Management, 2017

The lack of innovation from existing ECM providers is one of the reasons we see new platforms coming online. The content needs of the enterprise are continuing to change and modern content management platforms are responding.

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Smart Communications Buys Intelledox As Workflow And Content Automation Heats Up

Smart Communications announced that it is buying Intelledox for an undisclosed price. This blog explains this acquisition and what it might mean.

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Nintex Launches Nintex Sign to Streamline DTM Journeys

Powered by Adobe Sign, Nintex's new eSignature solution enables it to offer a complete digital transaction management (DTM) solution. This blog explains the solution.

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DocuSign and Nintex Expand Their Portfolios: The Race to Content Automation

This blog discusses DocuSign and Nintex's deals and how they highlight the race toward automating document-centric workflows.

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Microsoft Modernizes SharePoint with 3D and AI

SharePoint's 2019 release focuses on the automation of content processes, allowing for a low-code approach to designing new workflows in Visio and publishing them to Flow.

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