Automate Processes to Drive Business Outcomes

One of the first tasks enterprises must do to improve business processes is identify and migrate workflows away from paper-based systems. Workflow and content automation (WCA) is a new enterprise software category for automating business workflows, document processes, and transactions.

WCA technologies automate workflows and produce intelligent documents with valuable data analytics that make businesses more productive. We help our clients choose WCA solutions that accelerate how quickly information flows between enterprises, people, and important business systems to accelerate process cycle times and increase accuracy.


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Crafting Your Content Automation Strategy

From Content Management to Content Automation

While many businesses have begun digitally transforming through digital transaction management (DTM), most have not yet taken the next step: workflow and content automation. We're leaving the content management era and entering the content automation era and today, the demand is to automate the entire content lifecycle.

By consolidating forms, workflow, and customer communication management (CCM) software, WCA can streamline document processes, improve operations, and accelerate time to revenue.


Recent Research


The Aragon Research Globe™ for Workflow and Content Automation, 2022

The workflow and content automation market continues to evolve as more ways to automate content come online, partially due to the rise of content AI. We evaluate 13 key providers that are leading the charge in the WCA market.

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Hot Vendors in Workflow and Content Automation, 2021

Workflow and content automation is a critical enabling factor for business growth. This Research Note reviews key trends in workflow and content automation and identifies three providers who are making a difference in the market.

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The Aragon Research Globe for Workflow and Content Automation, 2020

Aragon identifies 14 providers that are making a difference in the WCA market.

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The Aragon Research Tech Spectrum for Workflow and Content Automation, 2020

Workflow and content automation (WCA) is becoming the de facto way to automate business processes that involve documents. In this report, Aragon evaluates twelve key providers that are leading the charge in the WCA market.

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The Automation Engine: 5 Trends Driving The Rise of WCA


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Automation is Critical for Digitization

In order to stay competitive, enterprises must offer a seamless digital experience to both customers and employees. This can be accomplished by integrating workflow and content automation into the business strategy. WCA speeds up processes, time to revenue, and reduces error.

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Nintex Makes Workflow Generation Automatic

There is still a need to generate custom workflows that are tied to processes. Nintex announced a new way to generate workflows with its new Workflow Generator tool.

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Smart Communications Buys Intelledox As Workflow And Content Automation Heats Up

Smart Communications announced that it is buying Intelledox for an undisclosed price. This blog explains this acquisition and what it might mean.

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Nintex Launches Nintex Sign to Streamline DTM Journeys

Powered by Adobe Sign, Nintex's new eSignature solution enables it to offer a complete digital transaction management (DTM) solution. This blog explains the solution.

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