Enterprise Video and the Visual Workplace

Video has become a critical workplace capability because it has the ability to deliver measurable value. Today, with connected devices such as drones providing live feeds, we expect demand for real-time video to continue to increase and the number of video-enabled use cases to expand. Enterprises are looking for complete enterprise video capabilities to manage the plethora of rich interactive content.

We advise our clients on how to tackle the myriad of components that make up the enterprise video ecosystem—including web and video conferencing solutions, video creation, and the delivery of video via enterprise video platforms. We help enterprises address the following questions:

  • What are the key trends in video?
  • How do I develop a video content management strategy?
  • Which enterprise video platforms should I be evaluating?

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Building The Video-Enabled Enterprise: How Digital Enterprises Are Putting Video To Work

Jim Lundy, CEO and Lead Analyst

The Rise of Video Learning: A Critical Component of the Digital Enterprise

The ease of learning new skills and polishing old ones via a visual format is driving user interest to video learning. The challenge is that most enterprises are not prepared for the surge in demand and the resulting influx of user-generated content.

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Hot Vendors in Intelligent Content Analytics for Image and Video, 2018

Through AI technologies, the four emerging providers outlined in this note provide video insights, analytics, and recognition to enterprises that need to manage their growing volume of video content.

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The Aragon Research Globe for Enterprise Video, 2018

The rise of AI-based content and video analytics has enabled enterprise video providers to offer more capabilities in order to meet the growing demand for video in nearly every part of the enterprise. This report evaluates 17 major providers in the market.

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The Aragon Research Technology Arc for the Digital Workplace, 2018

Enterprise video, formerly video content management (VCM), has become a critical category for the management and distribution of video files. This note covers additional technologies businesses should monitor for the digital workplace.

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Google Introduces Video Search

Google announced via a blog post that it is introducing the ability to search for key moments in videos. The need to add structure to previously dark data is rising and providers like Google are responding with capabilities like video search.

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Lifesize Challenges Zoom With New 4K Video Conferencing

With Avaya's Lifesize capitalizes on the transformative potential of 4k video and puts other video conferencing providers, such as Zoom, on notice. Aragon sees 4k video as the future of video conferencing.

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Cisco Copies Microsoft by Rebranding Spark as Webex Teams

Cisco Spark is being dumped. In this blog, we overview the rebranding, its similarity to Microsoft's product, and the war that Cisco is waging on multiple fronts involving voice, messaging, and meetings.

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How Does Video Supercharge the Enterprise?

With rising customer demands for video, the benefits of leveraging live streaming, webinars, video analytics, and other emerging video technologies in the enterprise cannot be understated.

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