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Digital marketing is about helping marketers increase leads and demand generation. At the core of any strong marketing campaign is customer engagement—delivering valuable content to prospects and customers, and being able to measure and track the results. This is one of the biggest challenges today's digital marketers face.

Technologies such as content marketing platforms, enterprise video platforms, and social media management that utilize advanced analytics will augment the marketing automation platform, helping marketers to automate more of their processes, provide more insights into the customer experience, and ultimately generate more leads.



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Customer Engagement at the Core of Innovation

Technology investments are finally shifting to reflect the growing emphasis on enhancing the customer's journey throughout the selling process and related marketing campaigns.

To learn more about key technologies that are enabling marketing leaders to gain more insights, improve the customer experience, and make more informed decisions, watch this exclusive Visual Research clip from our research note, The Aragon Research Technology Arc™ for Sales and Marketing, 2018.

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Complimentary Infographic

Maximizing Your Marketing Funnel

This infographic is designed to help you nurture your leads through the different stages of the marketing funnel, what content to deploy at each stage of the funnel, and convert them into new customers.

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The Aragon Research Technology Arc for Sales and Marketing, 2020

This edition features 45 technology profiles that are split between the emerging, adopting, and mature arcs.

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The Aragon Research Technology Arc for Sales and Marketing, 2019

Our third edition of this research note will help executives decide which technologies will be most beneficial to leverage. Information contained in this report will also help determine logistics of adopting these technologies.

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Hot Vendors in Marketing Automation, 2018

A good marketing automation platforms offer the ability to customize pipelines, build campaign strategies, and track qualified leads. This research note identifies three emerging providers for 2018.

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The Aragon Research Globe for Enterprise Video, 2018

Interactive media is becoming a critical tool for digital marketers. This note overviews the changing enterprise video market, including marketing use cases, from video presentations, to webinars, to campaigns.

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The Race to Add AI to Marketing Clouds: Salesforce Buys CDP Provider Evergage

Salesforce has bought customer data platform provider Evergage to strengthen its overall 1:1 personalization for its marketing platforms.

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ABM Best Practices from The ON24 Experience

The Aragon Marketing team and I attended ON24’s virtual conference on Wednesday, April 27th: The ON24 Experience. If you don’t already know, ON24 is a complete virtual events platform that supports everything from webinars/webcasts to conferences to content hubs. It’s used by organizations like Microsoft, Salesforce, and UCLA (my alma mater!).

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Your Reputation Is Being Defined During This Crisis

In this blog, we explore a few cases where we are seeing a company’s brand being reshaped by customers, partners, and employees during the pandemic.

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How to Nurture Your Leads in the Middle of the Funnel

Learn about the middle of the funnel marketing and the pieces of content you can deploy to continue nurturing your leads through your marketing funnel.

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