What Is Security?

Security and RiskThe war on cyberattacks that target enterprises and their associates is not slowing down. As attacks and the theft of data increases, new tools are emerging to thwart these challenges.  We are leaving the era of anti-virus as one of the main ways to stop attacks on endpoints and on the users who use them. Legacy antivirus software suffers from the need to perform routine checks that can damage productivity and place strain on enterprise computer systems, especially at scale.

New platforms are emerging that replace these methods with streamlined approaches driven by automation, AI, and cryptographic innovation. The cyberwar on the enterprise and the sophisticated manner in which these infiltrations occur means that a new class of privacy/security protection is needed.


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Security and Risk

Trends in Enterprise Security & Risk

Today there are numerous cyberattacks on users that occur from old and new viruses. Most enterprises have antivirus software installed on endpoints, but, as nearly all IT staff know, antivirus is not enough to protect the devices or to protect user’s identity and privacy. This is especially true in the age of remote work, where knowledge workers are no longer under the supervision of IT.

The attack on privacy started with the need to sell targeted advertisements. To sell ads, the advertiser needs to prove to the advertiser that they can profile and then target users. Advertisers exploit numerous channels to collect data on everything from gender, to income, to location-based targeting information.

Without security you have a recipe for data theft, infiltration into the enterprise, and ransomware. These threats should not be underestimated; as the high-profile corporate hacks of recent years have shown, security vulnerabilities can make or break an enterprise.

Free Report: Five Trends You Can’t Miss in Cybersecurity, 2023

Five Trends You Can’t Miss in Cybersecurity, 2023

There are several trends in cybersecurity that have a major impact on enterprises moving forward.

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