What Is Talent Management?

Competition to attract and retain talent in competitive markets is intense and increasing.

In a recent survey of over 3,300 HR professionals, 68% reported difficulty recruiting qualified candidates; 39% reported that offering more flexible work arrangements is their most effective recruiting strategy; and 34% reported that expanding the geographic search region is part of their strategy.1

HR leaders need talent management solutions that provide support for the changing needs of the digital workplace, including managing their globally mobile workforce, getting deeper insights into the hiring and recruiting process, and engaging and motivating employees throughout their career.


1. The New Talent Landscape: Recruiting Difficulty and Skills Shortages, Society for Human Resource Management, 2016.

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Talent Management

When it comes to managing people, enterprises are realizing that they need deeper analytics about behaviors, sentiment, and how people work. They also need deeper insights into potential candidates during the hiring and recruitment process.

Driven by these needs, innovation is coming to the market with layers of intelligence and new capabilities rooted in mobile, collaborative, analytical, learning, and video technologies.

To learn more about the emerging technologies driving the evolution of the talent management market, view this exclusive Visual Research clip from our research note, The Aragon Research Technology Arc™ for Learning and Human Capital Management, 2018.

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