Content Analytics for Intelligent Content

Enterprises of all sizes have to deal with unstructured data and content from documents, video conferencing feeds, voice channels, and information from IoT-connected devices.

With major changes in the volume and variety of content that businesses have to create and manage, intelligent content analytics (ICA) goes beyond enterprise content management (ECM) to enable actionable insights using modern artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. Content analytics can help enterprises gain maximum visibility, pinpoint underutilized data sources, and grow revenue faster with less risk.

We advise our clients on how to get started with ICA by identifying critical content analytics use cases.


What is content analytics?

An exclusive Visual Research clip that accompanies our research note, Conquer GDPR with Policy and Technology: Intelligent Content Analytics to the Rescue.

Real-Time Content Insights

By leveraging intelligent content analytics, enterprises are able to tap into dark data and layer in predictive and prescriptive analytics to determine the next best action related to that content.

Contracts and text documents—analyzed through natural language understanding technology (NLU)—are the largest short-term opportunity in the enterprise for ensuring compliance and identifying revenue opportunities. In addition to document analytics, image, video, and voice analytics can powerfully enhance processes for finance, legal, sales, marketing, and more.

The bottom line is that the need for insights from the growing volume of content represents an opportunity: enterprises that gain insights will be able to act faster.


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The Importance of Intelligent Content Analytics: A new era focused on insight and discovery

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The Secret to Competitive Content: Intelligent Content Analytics

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