Transform Your Content Management Strategy
with Content Analytics

For most of the last 25 years, enterprises have focused on data management and the act of managing and storing content. But because so much information is locked inside documents and contracts, enterprises need to begin to leverage Intelligent Content Analytics as part of a digital business strategy.

Intelligent Content Analytics is an emerging technology that represents the ability to expose the information held in documents and assist the enterprise in making faster and more informed decisions.

Unstructured content has been an underutilized resource in the race to go digital.

This Special Report overviews what Intelligent Content Analytics is, the current state of the market, and how this technology can be applied to specific situations involving content and compliance.

Digital Transaction Management
The Aragon Research Technology Arc™ for Digital Transaction Management and Enterprise Content Management, 2018

The 2018 Technology Arc for Digital Transaction Management and Enterprise Content Management profiles 51 technologies, including Intelligent Content Analytics (ICA). ICA goes beyond simple text analytics because it can provide predictions and analysis based on text, voice, image, video, or a higher-level abstraction of meaning—called a concept. ICA is on the Emerge Arc, meaning the market is still in early stages.

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The Aragon Research Globe™ for Enterprise Content Management, 2018

Today, many Enterprise Content Management providers are recognizing the need to be able to unleash the dark data that is inside of content repositories by leveraging Intelligent Content Analytics. OpenText, Box, IBM, Microsoft, and others are formulating their offerings.

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Conquer GDPR by Leveraging Policy and Technology

Intelligent Content Analytics could identify potential GDPR violations automatically and route situations that would require human judgment to resolve non-compliance situations to GDPR-savvy folks. The amount of time and money saved with this automated approach would more than pay for the investment in Intelligent Content Analytics.

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