What Are Content Experience Platforms?

Content experience platforms are the next generation offering to address the age-old enterprise need for creating and delivering dynamic experiences to users on any device. Historically, this need has been met by web content management systems (WCM), which have undergone numerous transformations as they have evolved to address the shifting needs of the modern enterprise content pipeline, which needs to move beyond the static website model of the past.

New offerings are harnessing content to provide integrated user experiences, moving beyond isolated content creation and delivery towards a comprehensive content development lifecycle that enables the construction of customized buyer journeys that meet the needs of users at their specific contextual perspective. Transcending the limitations of a traditional “pu(bli)sh” model, modern technology makes content more impactful and enables organizations to reap superior returns on their investments through digital content experiences. Given COVID-19 and the rush to become a complete digital business, Aragon feels that CXPs are one of the key priorities for a digital enterprise.

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What are Key Benefits of Content Experience Platforms?

Content experience platforms don’t just solve the same problems as yesterday’s CMS. They are instead designed to drive return on investments by prioritizing user experience. Content experience platforms allow streamlined content authoring and publishing workflows, emphasizing omnichannel content delivery, integrations driven by APIs, scalability, and quick deployment through low-code solutions. New platforms are built to accelerate enterprise go-to-market viability by cutting out the content management busywork that holds back product deployment.

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