What Are Clickwrap Transaction Platforms?

Clickwrap Transcation Platforms combine the ability to create, deliver, manage, track, and archive all the online terms and conditions that consumers and businesses agree to with a specified entity. Clickwrap transaction management has similarities to both digital transaction management (DTM) and enterprise content management (ECM). In fact, CTPs have characteristics of both.

The market for a clickwrap transaction platform is expected to be large due to the fact that today no web content management system or content management platform has the ability to adequately manage all of the business terms and conditions that need to be developed and approved by legal, and then deployed—often on the website—and then managed through the entire lifecycle.

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clickwrapWhy Are Enterprises Vulnerable Without a Secure Clickwrap Transaction Platform?

Today we live in a highly litigious society that is fraught with disagreements between buyers and sellers. This business environment combined with the growth of overall digital business put a price of that risk for sellers who cannot prove that they offer a certain service with a certain set of terms and conditions.

In a nutshell, CTPs ensure that the right set of contractual terms are presented at the right time to the right buyer that is looking for a specific set of services or products. While the focus is often on just the presentation of the terms, it is really the back end system that manages all of these agreements. This system represents some of the most important capabilities that an appraiser needs to evaluate.

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