[Special Report] Securing Your eCommerce Transactions with Clickwrap

As a part of digital transformation, many types of transactions are going fully digital and moving online. This includes both B2B and B2C eCommerce transactions. While online transactions are quicker and more seamless, they also open up some organizational risks and challenges if the online data being exchanged is unstructured and unprotected.

A huge increase in eCommerce and online transactions puts pressure on the enterprise to not only be able to handle the increased demand, but to also prove that the transactions that took place were actually agreed to. We’ve seen digital transaction management (DTM) solutions in effect for a while now, but many of these eCommerce transactions happening online are done using clickwrap, a type of transaction that replaces electronic signatures with the act of clicking to check a box or clicking on a button that includes acceptance language (such as “I Agree” or “Accept”). Securing and ensuring legitimacy of clickwrap transactions requires a more sophisticated set of capabilities–enter clickwrap transaction platform (CTP) providers.

Securing Your eCommerce Transactions with Clickwrap

CTPs assist enterprises with the challenge of managing the legal terms and conditions associated with online purchasing transactions. CTPs also add a level of security by enabling the vaulting and screenshotting of clickwrap transactions. This built-in protection is a must for eCommerce businesses to run smoothly and offer customer experiences that are secure and legally protected. 

Enterprises that engage in eCommerce must leverage CTPs in order to become fully digital businesses optimized for increased volumes of online transactions. This special report compiles research and other resources that will help you understand the CTP market, its providers, and the benefits of CTPs to your enterprise.   

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