Rethink What It Means to Be a Digital Business

Digital business is more than a buzz word or a technology category. It's a way of thinking, a business model, and an approach to proactively supporting customers and partners in every possible context—both in the physical and virtual worlds. Today, new technologies such as the digital business platform (DBP) are allowing organizations to think of digital business from a holistic perspective in order to better support the changing nature of business and accelerate digital transformation efforts.

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How Can You Support A High Impact Digital Business Strategy?

All organizations require a digital business strategy due to the nature of today's customer, partner, and employee expectations—or they risk being out-competed. Today's business and IT leaders need to think critically about their strategy to ensure it encompasses people, the business ecosystem, processes, information, and technology. It's important to understand that becoming a digital business is a true transformation and cannot be achieved by purchasing new technology alone. It requires careful and informed planning of models, processes, and services with the customer’s perspective—and their business ecosystems— as the key focus point.

Special Report: Mapping Out the Right Technologies to Enable Digital Business

Shifting to digital business means changing your business model using certain supportive technologies. As you enter 2022, it’s crucial that you know which technologies specifically will help your organization enable digital business.

While Aragon predicts that eventually, most technologies will support digital business in some aspect, that reality is a ways off and, as of now, organizations need to strategically map out which technologies have those capabilities.

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Special Report Digital Business

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