Rethink What It Means to Be a Digital Business

Digital business is more than a buzz word or a technology category. It's a way of thinking, a business model, and an approach to proactively supporting customers and partners in every possible context—both in the physical and virtual worlds. Today, new technologies such as the digital business platform (DBP) are allowing organizations to think of digital business from a holistic perspective in order to better support the changing nature of business and accelerate digital transformation efforts.

rethinking digital business

How Can You Support A High Impact Digital Business Strategy?

All organizations require a digital business strategy due to the nature of today's customer, partner, and employee expectations—or they risk being out-competed. Today's business and IT leaders need to think critically about their strategy to ensure it encompasses people, the business ecosystem, processes, information, and technology. It's important to understand that becoming a digital business is a true transformation and cannot be achieved by purchasing new technology alone. It requires careful and informed planning of models, processes, and services with the customer’s perspective—and their business ecosystems— as the key focus point.

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digital transformation begins with enterprise architecture

Betsy Burton, VP Research and Aragon Fellow


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Become familiar with Aragon's coverage of the digital business platform market. Learn how to identify the right digital business platform for your organization with the architecture outlined in this research note.

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Digital Business Research

Self-Assessment Digital Business

Self-Assessment: Digital Business Strategy 
April 22, 2019

Summary: Every organization, no matter whether government, education, or commercial, will need a digital business strategy. Use this self-assessment to understand the characteristics that drive when to support and deploy and digital business strategy. Read More >

The Aragon Research Globe™ for Digital Business Platforms, 2018

The Aragon Research Globe™ for Digital Business Platforms, 2018
August 14, 2018

Summary: This research note discusses a DBP's role in enabling enterprises to drive dynamic, goal-driven processes, and evaluates 27 major providers. Read More >

digital business myths (1)

Debunking 5 Common Myths About Digital Business
February 26th, 2019

Summary: As organizations have strived to understand, adopt and deploy real digital business models and solutions, several myths and misunderstanding have also emerged. Read More >

Hot Vendors™ in Digital Business Platforms, 2018

Hot Vendors™ in Digital Business Platforms, 2018
July 25, 2018

Summary: A fully complete DBP is rare in this emerging market, but this report highlights five promising vendors that leverage intelligence in order to support seamless, goal-directed work. Read More >

Digital Business Blogs

digital business platform market

Digital Platform Market Bifurcates Into Digital Business Platform and Digital Business Solution
June 27, 2019

VP Research Betsy Burton explores how the digital platform market is evolving, and how this may affect Aragon’s Digital Business Platform (DBP) Globe for 2019. Read More >

Digital Will Become Impasse

“Digital” Will Become Passé As It Becomes Pervasive
March 14, 2019

Digital business is a new business model that is specifically designed to proactively reach out to customers and partners with a primary focus on their physical and virtual context. Read More >

its time for the business versus IT debate to be over

It's Time for the "Business Versus IT" Debate to Be Over
March 20, 2019

I think a lot of people in IT are still stuck in the mode where they view themselves as an enabler for the business. Where the reality is, in today’s world, technology is very often the source of critical business differentiators—strategic and operational. Read More >

Mind the Gap

Don't Fall into the Widening Customer Experience Gap 
February 28th, 2019

The widening gap is that while your customers and partners are increasingly and seamlessly operating in a hybrid virtual/physical world, your business is still operating as if it has different online and brick and mortar customers. Read More >