Special Report: Mapping Out the Right Technologies to Enable Digital Business

Shifting to digital business means changing your business model using certain supportive technologies. As you enter 2022, it’s crucial that you know which technologies specifically will help your organization enable digital business. 

While Aragon predicts that eventually, most technologies will support digital business in some aspect, that reality is a ways off and, as of now, organizations need to strategically map out which technologies have those capabilities.

There are many reasons why organizations want to enable digital business. One key reason is that digital business allows organizations to reach, serve, and support their customers and partners from their contextual perspective –which is crucial for business growth and success. Digital business provides opportunities to accomplish this using new models and technologies that provide better methods of engaging those partners and customers.


Special Report Digital Business

As you enter 2022 and beyond, you must:

  • Understand digital business and digital business platforms
  • Realize the opportunities for business growth that digital business provides
  • Map out the right technologies and vendors to consider when developing, deploying, and evolving digital business solutions. 

This special report provides research reports that take a deep dive into these issues to prepare you for your digital business strategy and plan.

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Tech Arc for DB

This note explores the emergence of foundational digital business technologies such as advanced autonomous analytics, digital business platforms, and Kubernetes, which enable organizations to reach customers and partners in their given context. In addition, the report explores many of the established technologies that are used to support evolving and maturing digital business solutions, including customer journey mapping, IoT platforms, and robotic process automation.

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The iPaaS market is evolving quickly to meet the needs of enterprises that seek to automate and transform their business in order to support new digital business models. This note introduces transformational iPaaS (tPaaS), which over time will establish a set of market requirements that goes much further than traditional iPaaS offerings have enabled.

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Globe for DBP

A digital business platform (DBP) is a highly dynamic integration hub that coordinates goal-directed work and supports interactions between people, software, and machines in a most intelligent manner. This Globe identifies a cross-section of vendors that are focused on delivering services and technologies to support the digital business platform market.

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