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Content Marketing

Content marketing is all about creating and using content to influence prospects as well as current customers. The need to share product information, customer testimonials, white papers, blogs, webinars, and more is at the crux of marketing.

Today, the biggest challenge for marketers is being able to deliver valuable content to prospects and customers—and being able to measure and track the results. Because so many types of content exist both inside and outside of the enterprise, new tools are emerging to help manage the content marketing dilemma. These content marketing tools help to find and tailor content, and in some cases, bleed over into marketing automation by doing the actual distribution to end users. This is an emerging area that is poised to overtake traditional Enterprise Content Management in the next three years.

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Intelligent Content Analytics (ICA) is an essential new business category that goes beyond the traditional store-and-secure approach to content management to enable actionable insights using modern artificial intelligence technologies. The insights enabled by ICA will allow enterprises to operate more efficiently and grow revenue faster with less risk.

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Modern content platforms are the next wave of Enterprise Content Management. They eliminate the need for multiple content platforms, as they are equipped to manage, automate, and provide insights around both text and video content. By enabling a fully digital end-to-end content process, modern content platforms can help the enterprise move faster.