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The client had a complex and complicated contract renewal with a major technology provider and needed help. The client wanted to keep using the provider’s services, but lacked the right strategy and did not understand the nuances of the vendor's strategies being used to renegotiate their contract.

How Aragon Helped

During the first interaction, Aragon analysts reviewed the master service agreement contract documents with the client. The analysts found that the technology service provider had, in fact, not been dealing in good faith and were not sharing the correct versions of the agreement with the client. The analysts then supported the client and assisted them in escalating the issue with their provider. During the second meeting, Aragon analysts outlined an effective strategy for the contract renewal that would enable the client to obtain both the best terms and conditions on both a national and international basis. 

Company: Security Software Provider

Industry: Cybersecurity

Revenue: >$3 billion



With guidance and support from Aragon analysts, the client was able to:

  • Negotiate their contract to get the appropriate Service Level Agreements (SLA) for their size company in an efficient time frame
  • Ensure that the SLA supported both the U.S. and European locations with common terms and conditions
  • Maximize their time and avoid unnecessary costs with their legal counsel
  • Save an estimated $200,000 in costs


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