Client Story 4


The client had an old video surveillance system that needed to be replaced. Because of increased theft, the client was under pressure to update the existing video surveillance system with one that would help them see what was going on in each store. The client was under time pressure and did not possess a clear understanding of the market and was dissatisfied with its current selection process.

How Aragon Helped

During the first interaction, Aragon analysts supported the client by working closely with the client’s CIO to review their security requirements as well as the list of providers. Afterwards, Aragon analysts completed a fifteen-page written inquiry that documented and evaluated five major providers of video platforms suited for the client’s specific needs. During subsequent inquiries, Aragon analysts reviewed the inquiry materials with the client and answered all of the client’s questions about provider selection.

Company: Regional Specialty Retailer

Industry: Alcohol & Beverages

Revenue: >$1 Billion



The client was impressed at how quickly Aragon analysts responded to their request—the written inquiry was delivered to them within three business days. They felt the analysis of providers was extremely detailed and effective and allowed them to fully understand the market. 

With this guidance and support from Aragon Research, the client was able to:

  • Save over $200,000 in consulting fees
  • Save significant time on vendor evaluation
  • Make a final selection on the video surveillance provider that best fit their needs


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