Visual Forecasts

Graphically Represent the Projected Growth

trajectory of a specific technology market, and provide observations, trends, and insights into that market

Have Interactive Charts and Video Insights

that enable business leaders to quickly visualize how a market is evolving from year to year

How We Build A Forecast of the Market

We Track Parameters

We track parameters such as strategy, performance, and reach.

Historical Market Values

We use historical market values based on the market taxonomies and current U.S. dollar exchange rates existing at the time the data was originally published. For markets other than the United States, the as-published values are based on a different exchange rate each year.

Rigorous Analysis of Major Vendors in the Market

We perform a rigorous analysis of each major vendor in the market every year to provide a comprehensive view of the market.

This data is collected year over year, allowing analysts to offer informed, actionable insights based on years of objective data. These insights are then used to analyze the trends of each market and predict where each market is headed.

Key Benefits of Visual Forecasts

Grasp the Overall Revenue Opportunity Available in the Market Now and 6 years Into the Future
Understand the Market Trends That Will Allow You to Drive Revenue Growth
Successfully Enter a New Market Based on Trusted Methodology
Understand the Factors That May Inhibit Revenue Growth
Prioritize Which Products and Services Have the Best Business Opportunities
Understand the Technology Trends Shaping the Future of the Market
Understand the Competitive Landscape
Provide an Accurate, Reliable Value Proposition to Interested Investors

Latest Visual Forecasts


Worldwide Workflow and Content Automation 2020-2026 Forecast

The market for workflow and content automation expanded in 2020. Increasingly, enterprise leaders demand a more
unified and rationalized approach to managing their mission- critical content and core business processes. New platforms
assist enterprises in the optimization of key processes surrounding documents and other digital assets.

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Enterprise Content Platform

Worldwide Enterprise Content Platform 2020-2026 Forecast

Enterprises still need to manage business documents as records, which means ECPs will never go away. That said, the need to leverage content to gain better understanding is giving way to new auxiliary markets such as content automation and content analytics.

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Worldwide Intelligent Contact Center 2020-2026 Forecast

The market for the intelligent contact center is being fueled by two key trends: the need for a robust global and scalable cloud-based contact center and the need to staff it with both human and digital labor. Digital labor refers to computer- based digital and virtual agents. Hybrid cloud is growing but the strategic nature of content management is less than it was ten years ago. Enterprises will be able to make the transition from on-premise systems by leveraging hybrid cloud approaches. Enterprises should look at their contact center as one that can help deliver a better employee or customer experience (e.g., internal vs. external calls).

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